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The Ways To Play Age-Old Game Of Poker

Card games like poker have saved most of us from being irritated out of boredom. Card games have always been a part of the entertainment. The first card game was invented in China before AD 1000 and thoroughly made its way to Europe and other countries. There are thousands of card games available. The list is never-ending, from Solitaire, Teenpatti, and Patience to Blackjack and Poker. However, poker is considered the king of all these card games because of its popularity.

 For your next house party, you would be thinking of some game ideas. Playing card game is one of them. Poker is a popular one. Its popularity increased during the beginning of the twentieth century. There are certain variations in which this card game is played. Poker is played in both ways, online and offline. It marks its presence at the casinos too.

Luck plays a vital role in this game. But slowly, when you master the skills, you can be the game’s ruler. Originated in German, it has gained popularity all over the world. When played as a house game, it can be played with pennies. At the professional level, thousands of dollars are used for playing.

The Ways To Play Age-Old Game Of Poker

When played manually, one pack of 52-cards is used. On the virtual platform, two sets of cards are used. When the card’s first set is used, the second set is shuffled and made ready for use.

The Scores of the Cards

Any player has first to understand the value of ‘poker hands. If one knows the basics of betting, he can play the game without difficulty. The various combinations with examples are listed below:

  • Five of a Kind- four 10s, one joker(wild card)
  • Straight Flush- five cards with the same suite set in a series
  • Four of a Kind-four aces
  • Full House-three 8s and two 4s
  • Flush- five cards belonging to one suite but not in a series
  • Straight- five cards in series but do not have the same suit
  • Three of a kind- three cards of the same position and two cards of different position
  • Two pairs- two cards pair of one rank, second pair of different rank
  • One Pair- only one pair with different kinds of cards
  • No Pair- no cards pair in any combination

After understanding the values of the cards, Poker moves ahead with betting. It is the main derivative of playing this game.